Roaches found at Columbia Mall restaurants

Boone County health officials continue to investigate a case involving roaches and insect feces at two Columbia Mall restaurants.

Investigators shut down Famous Cajun Grill and Stir Fry 88 on Monday morning after they found 38 food code violations.

The Boone County Health Departmentâ??s inspection report shows Columbia Mallâ??s Famous Cajun Grill and Stir Fry 88 had 19 critical food code violations including roach infestation and the presence of roach feces. Health officials went ahead with the inspection after a customer found a roach in their food. Health officials said the roaches were the least of the problems.

Environmental Health Director Kala Gunier said, â??There were food temperature violations. There were food contact surfaces that were not kept clean. There were food items that were not date labeled or stored properly which are the bigger concerns of public health.â??

The two restaurants, with suspended operating permits, share management and staff. Health officials are making sure the entire food court has proper pest control by checking receipts. Columbia Mall management said the 19 critical food code violations at Famous Cajun Grill and Stir Fry 88 do not affect any other restaurants in the mallâ??s food court. Mall officials said all of their other restaurants are clean and safe. Investigators found raw meat in dirty cardboard boxes, dirty utensils and cooking supplies at the two restaurants.

Columbia Mall General Manager Rusty Strodtman said, â??I think itâ??s a very isolated situation. We had the health department review the other restaurants while they were here just to see if it was something across the board. They found no other incidents to be concerned about with the other restaurants.â??

As long as the managers of Famous Cajun Grill and Stir Fry 88 make the proper corrections before their next inspection, there will be no fines or penalties for those food establishments.

Boone County health inspectors are waiting on notification from the managers of Famous Cajun Grill and Stir Fry 88 before they schedule their next visit to the Columbia Mall.