Reporting Rape: A Victim's Story


A Sedalia mom has spent nearly five months waiting for answers after she said two men forcibly raped her child last summer.

In August, a woman KRCG 13 has referred to as "Rachel" to protect her identity, said her 13-year-old daughter was choked, sodomized and raped in a bathroom inside of an apartment within the city limits.

"My daughter wanted to spend the night at a friend's," Rachel said. The mom said during the sleepover, her daughter and her daughter's friend snuck out to meet up with two men, both believed to be over the age of 18, according to Rachel.

After meeting at the Katy Depot park area, Rachel said the girls and the men went to an apartment.

Rachel said her daughter went to use the bathroom inside. She said her daughter suddenly heard the men screaming at her friend to get out. The mother said the men then trapped her daughter in the bathroom.

"They choked her, pulled her hair, sodomized her, raped her, one boy after another," Rachel said.

At 2 a.m. Aug. 19, Rachel said she got a knock on her door.

"My son comes in and says 'mom, mom, you've got to get up', I didn't know what to think," said Rachel.

Rachel said the grandfather of her daughter's friend came to her home to alert Rachel the girls had gone to an apartment. The mother said she immediately drove to the apartment to get her daughter.

"I was upset," Rachel said as she saw her daughter coming out of the apartment. As her daughter got in the car, she said she knew something wasn't right.

"It just dawns on me, the way she looked," she said. "Her clothes were all arranged different, I said, 'did somebody touch you?' She broke down and started crying. She said 'two guys'."

Rachel said she sat her daughter down with pencil and paper.

"She filled up four pages," the mother recalled. "I specifically told her do not shower, don't do anything."

The family then called Sedalia police.

"They came to the house, two of them, and took a report," said Rachel.

Rachel said she then took her daughter to a Kansas City Hospital where medical professionals performed a rape kit exam.

"In detail, this is where I started hearing everything that happened," she said. "It made me sick to my stomach. I had to leave the room."

Three days later, Rachel said she spoke to detectives at a child advocacy center in Sedalia.

"All he said was they want to build a stronger case," the mother said. "When we were at Children's Mercy, another detective called me and said they had served a search warrant on the house to look for her phone which had been stolen. He said they found all kinds of evidence, vomit in the bathroom.".

Hundreds of pages of hospital records Rachel provided KRCG 13 reveal the trauma her daughter went through. The records show a black light scan of her daughter found bodily fluids all over her body. The records also showed the rape kit was processed and completed in September.

Rachel said it has been months since she last spoke with detectives.

"My husband and I have gone to the police station to see [the detective], he wasn't there any other time," said Rachel.

Police told KRCG 13 they are investigating the case, but would not say anything else. A member of the command staff said if Rachel wants to know the status of the case, she should call them.

The mother said she doesn't know what the hold up is.

Pettis County Prosecutor Phillip Sawyer said his office is aware of the case. He said he's asked police to follow up on some more details as well as provide him with scientific evidence and other evidence that would help either corroborate or negate the story as it relates to forcible rape. Sawyer said detectives are expected to get back to him.

"There's only so much I can say about an open investigation," Sawyer said.

"There may have very well been a criminal offense committed here, but we still need to figure what, if any, that offense was," said Sawyer.

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