Renter calls plate mixup "honest mistake"

Beyer was driving this car when she was pulled over and told the tags were expired and registered to a different vehicle.

A Jefferson City woman was surprised to learn the license plates on her rental car were expired and registered to a different vehicle. The owner of the rental shop calls the tag mixup an "honest mistake."

Jodie Beyer rented the Chevy Malibu from Affordable Car Rental and Sales in Jefferson City on Friday. She spent Saturday at the St. Louis Zoo and stopped in Fenton, Missouri, on the way home; that's when she was pulled over.

"The tags did not go to that car and the tags expired in 2013," Beyer said.

"I said 'Can I have something in writing to take back to [the renter]?' And [the officer] said 'well I can write you out tickets or you can get out of town and not come back with this car.' I chose to get out of town and not come back with the car because I didn't want tickets."

Beyer told KRCG 13 she worried about the safety of her children inside the car, fearing that the vehicle hadn't been inspected since the plates expired.

She said she didn't suspect anything of the car when she drove it off the lot.

"You know, it had tags on it, it had the 2015 stickers on it, you assume it's legal," Beyer said.

Jim Wolters, owner of Affordable Car Rental and Sales, said the 2015 plate renewal sticker on the plate was meant for the Malibu, but the plates belonged to a Toyota Corolla that he had sold.

"The sticker in here is for the right car, it was just put on the wrong tag," Wolters said.

"[The Malibu] was inspected when it was renewed, so everything was legal about it it just had to wrong tag for some reason."

Wolters said he has no idea how the tags for the Corolla ended up on the Malibu, which had its own tags when Wolters licensed the vehicle two years ago.

He called the mixup an honest mistake, and said he didn't realize the plates were wrong when he put on the renewal sticker.

"I've never had a wrong tag end up on the wrong car, just haven't done it. Don't know how it happened," Wolters said.

Wolters has since gotten new tags for the Malibu.

Beyer said she and her kids are shaken up from the experience, and she now gets anxious around police officers.