Red Cross volunteers return to mid-Missouri with renewed spirit

Jolene Davis and Anita Davis. (Jolene Davis)

Monday night, two weeks of volunteer efforts finally came to a close.

"My bed felt wonderful and my pillow felt fabulous," Anita Davis said.

She and Jolene Davis were away from their homes 14 days, working in the Houston area as Red Cross volunteers in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

They said their experience in Texas was one they will never forget.

"I like being right there with the people connecting with the people," Jolene Davis said.

After several days of hard work, the two mid-Missouri women say they were glad to rest.

"We need time to decompress and be with family," Jolene Davis said.

"It was nice to come home and think I wasn't breathing mold." - Jolene

In Texas, Anita Davis described the scenes she witnessed and how they impacted her.

"It just puts reality back in perspective," she said. "You're out there on the frontline, so to speak, and you get to talk to folks. You get to hear their stories."

And in helping total strangers for days at a time, the bond between the two women grew even stronger.

"It makes you closer because you have to rely on each other and each other's judgment calls," Anita Davis said.

"I don't think we run out of things to talk about," Jolene added.

To follow along with their efforts in Texas, click here.

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