Real estate market favors buyers and sellers

Nearly 3,000 homes in Boone County were sold this year (KRCG 13) 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, now is a prime time in mid-Missouri, according to House of Brokers Realty.

Realtor Carl Freiling said it's a great time to buy because of the balance of buyers and sellers and low interest rates.

"I was in business a lot of years before I saw a rate below eight percent. We're half that now," Freiling said. "That really determines what you pay for that house. So it really is a terrific opportunity."

He explained that eventually those interest rates are going to rise so he said it's best not to wait.

"I see no advantage to waiting. Market conditions are just excellent for both buyers and sellers," Freiling said. "And yet globally there's a lot of things going. If something big happened globally it could change it."

Freiling recommends buyers to find a lender and get pre-approved. And as for sellers, he said to get your house market-ready.

Within the last year nearly 3,000 homes were sold in Boone County.

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