Readers try a Human Library at Linn State Technical College

LINN, Mo. -- The shelves at Linn State Technical College are packed to the gills with classic and contemporary titles.

But Wednesday, people were learning about more than just what they could see on paper.

"You bring people into a library, and patrons come in and check out that person,and they sit down one-on-one to get the real story," said Human Library Organizer Martha Ray.

"Participants in the Human Library say today, their life is pretty much an open book."

There was a different 'book' for everyone. Some people may know and love already like KRCG's Dick Preston, and some you might not have heard of, like Samere, a women who works lives and works in Osage County, and also happens to be a follower of Islam.

"They ask me about, like, my religion, where I worship, and if I have any prejudices here in my state," said Samere.

Organizers, like Franc Stumpf, the Librarian at Linn State Technical College, say this is a good way for people to immerse themselves in a story.

"It gives them a touch of what's going on outside their world, which might be very small,â?? Stupf said. â??It's really wonderful. Libraries nowadays aren't just about books or magazines."

And the human books found here like Sameresay they welcome
any question.

"I like it, and I encourage everyone to ask me these questions."