Rally to support the Second Amendment

Supporters of the Second Amendment rallied at the Capitol Saturday.

JEFFERSON CITY-- Supporters of the second amendment gathered at the State Capitol Saturday afternoon to show their support for gun rights and voice concerns over second amendment infringement.

This rally comes less than a week after President Obama announced plans to curb gun violence through stricter gun control legislation.

John Chenault, of Jefferson City, said the majority of gun owners use their guns in appropriate, legal manners and should not be penalized.

"Who's to say we can or can't have something that is entertainment to us. The only thing it's ever done is gone out to the range and shot pieces of paper," he said.

He also said that he thinks the government is taking the wrong approach to the problem.

"Quit focusing on taking the guns out of the stores that are legally purchased, and focus more on getting the ones that are out there illegally," he said.