Raising money with pooches and people

There were demonstrations and activities set up for the dogs.

Milo, Jason and I went for a walk Saturday, but it was no ordinal stroll around Stephens Lake. We were participating with dozens of people and pooches in the Bark of Boone County event. It was all to raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer.

(Check out my preview blog of the event here)

I knew it was going to be a good-sized event, but as we were walking up I was blown away. There were so many tents set up for various organizations and businesses, activities for dogs and people, demonstrations, and a huge tent housing the very vast silent auction.

Milo could hardly contain his excitement, whining and crying at the sight of every dog we passed by, which started from the moment we stepped out of the car, by the way. And I could hardly wait to check out all the booths!

Before we had too much fun I spotted fellow Adventures with Milo fan, Lori Hauxwell, who also happens to be one of the main organizers of the Bark of Boone County event. She directed us to the registration table where I got a t-shirt and Milo got a â??Wag Bagâ?? filled with all kinds of goodies!

It wasnâ??t long before the inspirational music started to play and we all lined up to walk around Stephens Lake. The event benefits the American Cancer Society, and I saw plenty of brave survivors there, walking with canines by their side. The sight of the human cancer survivors also got me wondering how many people were there walking in honor or memory of their petâ??s battle with a disease, and if any of the dogs could claim the â??survivorâ?? status. Luckily, Milo is not one of those dogs. He is a healthy pup, for which we are very thankful.

After the quick lap around the lake, it was time to do a little exploring. We went from tent to tent, seeing what everyone had to offer. There was everything from carpet cleanersâ?¦ to pet storesâ?¦ dog day caresâ?¦ and rescue groups. It was so nice to see how pet-centric mid-Missouri is!

One of our favorite spots was the Bright Beginnings bully breed rescue table. They had adooooorable puppies available to â??rentâ?? (just for the walk!) or adopt. Wow, were they cute! And Milo had a good time sniffing them out.

After we checked out all the tables and auction items, it was time to put Milo to the test on the agility course. Weâ??ve been to the Columbia Canine Sports Center before (check out the blog about that adventure here), where Milo tried out some of the equipment, so we wanted to see how well he would do this time. I guess we werenâ??t really surprised by the results.

Milo eventually warmed up to jumping over the higher beam, but he wasnâ??t having anything to do with the rampâ?¦ and it was such a little one! Nothing compared to the huge, 3-foot-tall ramp he walked across at CCSC. So instead of climbing on the ramp, we got Milo to jump over it. I got some great photos of him doing thisâ?¦

But of course, whatâ??s a dog event without a little socializing?! There were dogs of all shapes, colors, ages, and sizesâ?¦ oh, yes, definitely dogs of different sizes. Including two MASSIVE mastiffs. Wow, were they big!

Milo was a brave puppy and went right up to the one gentle giant, Boone. He even got Boone rolling on the ground wanting to play and run around! It was such a sight to see! The funny thing is weâ??re used to Milo being the bigger dog. Jason and I usually have to apologize to people who have smaller dogs because, as we say, â??Milo doesnâ??t realize his size.â?? Thatâ??s exactly what Booneâ??s owner said about her massive dog, except she can say it and truly mean it, all the time.

It was so good to see so many people coming together for a great cause. And it was nice to not only have dogs invited, but encouraged to come and participate in an event.

Overall, at least $3,500 was raised for the American Cancer Society. On top of that, at least four dogs found their forever homes because of the event. It's all such great news! If you didn't get to participate, but would still like to help, you can donate or buy shirts that are available for purchase. Just email Lori Hauxwell at

The Bark of Boone County group also will be at the Relay for Life of Boone County on Saturday, June 23. The event starts at 5 p.m. at the Mizzou Rec Center. If you would like to participate or support the team, check out the website here.

We had a blast and are excited for next yearâ??s Bark of Boone County!

Stay tuned for more!

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