Rain doesn't stop Jefferson City Oktoberfest

Despite inclement weather, large crowds turned out to celebrate the 13th annual Jefferson City Oktoberfest

Event staff say a few vendors packed it up because of the rain, but most of them decided to stay, offering festivalgoers an opportunity to see what they had for sale.

Hundreds of people showed up in raincoats or with umbrellas for the festival.

One staff member said the festival does not usually see a drop in turnout because of inclement weather. "We had rain on the first day we held this festival and it didn't discourage us," said Walter Schroeder of the Old Munichberg Association.

"We've been going for 12 years after that. You can see from the people around here that they're enjoying it, it hasn't daunted them," Schroeder said.

12 new vendors pitched their tents on the Old Munichberg streets this year. Some of the other festivities included a hot rod/classic car show, games for children, and beer and wine sampling for adults.

Schroeder says there is historical significance behind the location where the festival is held. The Old Munichberg Association says the nieghborhood was historically settled by peoples immigrating to the United States from places in present-day Germany, who brought their cultures and traditions with them to Jefferson City.

Shroeder says one of the goals for Octoberfest is to keep history alive for the future generations of Old Munichberg to learn about and cherish.