R.A.D teaches women self-defense and awareness

Women learn self-defense techniques in the Rape Aggression and Defense program.

Self-defense classes for women are becoming more in-demand across the nation, and right here in mid-Missouri.

The "R.A.D" or Rape Aggression and Defense Program has been in the works for about four years, and is now available in Jefferson City.

The classes are free and basic, and teach women self-defense techniques to fight off a potential attacker.

Cole County Crime Prevention Officer Kevin Kempker said there are simple things women can do to be more aware of their surroundings.

"Be careful with how much you share on social media, that's huge. We share way too much in those venues. Also be mindful of the little things that might indicate you live alone. Just your full name in the phone book, your voice on an answering machine making it sound like you live alone, said Kempker."

Kempker also said to avoid having the same daily routine to deter potential attacks or stalkers.

During the course, all women go through a personal safety course to learn about habits and behaviors that make them seem vulnerable, in addition to learning physical techniques.