Questions remain on what happened at Eldon Animal Shelter

These dogs are at the Eldon Animal Shelter, which was the target of abuse allegations.

An investigation into allegations of abuse at the Eldon Animal Shelter has addressed some questions while leaving other unanswered.

The Department of Agriculture's investigation concluded that there was no evidence that two dogs were beaten before being euthanized in November.

However, the male dog suffered injury to his genitalia prior to being put down. The veterinarian who euthanized the two dogs said this injury is consistant with being forcibly separated while mating, according to the investigation.

The two dogs, one male and one female, were put in the same pen at the animal shelter because there was only one available. The shelter employee who put them in the pen told investigators she did not know the female was in heat.

Eldon Mayor Ronald Bly said that he is continuing to look into the circumstances surrounding that injury.

"There were some inconsistant statements made on whether the two dogs were pulled apart or not, and that's something we're going to look into," Bly said.

The next step is to reinterview some of the officials from the investigation, Bly said.

Eldon Police Captain Brian Kidwell said that if further investigation reveals that an officer acted improperly, that officer will be terminated.

In the mean time, the animal shelter is closed for renovations. It should reopen in the coming weeks.

Bly said that anyone with concerns about the investigation or the renovations at the animal shelter can call him at City Hall.