Puppies caught in destructive house fire

A fire destroyed a home in Mokane on Sunday.

Mike and Lisa Underwood, who had been living there since December, weren't home when a neighbor spotted flames and called 911 on Sunday. Mike's son, who was living with the couple, was also absent.

But 11 pitbull mix puppies were in the room where the fire started.

Eight of the pups made it out of the fire. Sadly, three did not.

Mike said the fire started in the back room of the house when a breaker box shorted out.

What was once a home, is now charred and uninhabitable. What used to be the kitchen is almost unidentifiable, as is the living room.

And the back room where the fire started? There's nothing left.

Mike said money is extremely tight since he's between jobs and had no renter's insurance â?? he's left with nothing.

The puppies that survived are being taken to the Central Missouri Humane Society.

The Super 8 in Kingdom City is taking donations for the family.