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      Pulaski Co. teen's death under investigation

      The Pulaski County Sheriff??s Department initiated an investigation into the death of a Richland teen, shortly after his lifeless body was discovered early Sunday morning.

      Eighteen year old William E. Posten was found dead at his home at approximately 6:00 a.m. by a family member. The deceased was last seen during the early morning hours after returning home from a social gathering in a nearby town.

      According to Pulaski County Sheriff Ronald Long, there was no noticeable trauma to the victim??s body. Authorities have formulated a possible cause of death, which will most likely rule out foul play.

      Pulaski County Coroner Mikel Hartness responded to the scene and made the official death ruling. An autopsy will be performed on Posten, at which time the cause of death will be determined.