Protect yourself and your home during Spring break

With people planning vacations during Spring break, local police offices want to remind residents to take the necessary precautions of protecting their home while they are gone.

Students at Columbia and Jefferson City public schools, as well as at the University of Missouri, will be on spring break the week of March 25th.

With people are planning vacations during that time, local police officers want to remind residents to take the necessary precautions of protecting their homes while they are gone.

Police encourage residents to leave interior and exterior lights on at night when they are gone.

Leaving the lights on will give the illusion that someone is in the home.

Also, vacationers should have their mail, newspaper and package deliveries stopped while they are gone or arrange for someone to pick those up for them.

Police also say people should make sure all of their doors and windows are locked before heading out of town.

Another piece of advice is to make a list of valuable items, including serial numbers.

If you are going on vacation, disable automatic garage doors and ask a friend or a neighbor to check on your home while you are away.

A lot of times people post on social media sites about their vacations and when they are leaving. But, police say not to do that because those comments could be seen by a potential robber.

The Columbia Police Department will again be deploying additional resources during this time to help deter and detect burglaries.

Uniformed officers, as well as officers dressed in plain clothes, will be patrolling the areas.