Proposition 2 close to one man's heart

In three weeks, Jefferson City voters will decide the fate of Proposition 2.

Proponents want to convert the current property tax levy to a quarter-cent sales tax.

They say that's the best way to accommodate the growing needs of the fire service.

Galen and Susan Holloway say it could mean the difference between life and death,

"Four minutes and 28 seconds can be a very long time" Susan said.

That's how long it took first responders to get to Galen and Susan Holloway's home when trouble came knocking.

Galen said, "Actually I was sitting right here in this spot when it happened, fortunately Susan was on the couch".

"I looked up and his head was pitched back on the couch and he was just in a violent shake"

, Susan said.

Galen had suffered a lethal arrhythmia, "I essentially died", he said.

Spending time with Galen and their dog Milo, Susan is still haunted by the memories of how she frantically dialed 911 and started CPR, "All I knew is that I placed the hands and I'm counting", she said.

She kept on doing CPR until emergency crews took over.

Galen says had the response time not been so fast, his outcome could have been much different,

"I possibly couldn't be here today and could have had brain damage".

This life-changing experience is why he thinks Prop 2 is a must for the capital city to properly fund the fire department, and staff the department with more life-saving crews.