Proposition 1 plans to 'put kids first'

BOONE COUNTY, Mo. -- With all the political races and propositions slated to be on the ballot in November, sometime other issues may take a back seat.

One of those lesser-known issues in Boone County, Proposition 1, calls for creating specially designated funding for children who are dealing with mental and drug abuse issues.

Social service groups say the proposition is crucial for Boone County, which sees higher than state average levels of depression and suicide.

But some people have grumbled about having to pay more taxes.

Those with the 'Putting Kids First campaign say it's less expensive in the long run.

"Our argument is that you're paying for this, you're just paying for it on the back-end, and it's far more expensive than if we can identify and catch problems early," said Christine Corcoran, the director of the â??Putting Kids Firstâ?? campaign.

Supporters of the proposition say the cost will be paid for through a quarter-cent sales tax, and all the funds will be controlled through a specially-appointed board of Boone County citizens.