Proposed legislation targets meth production

Proposed legislation is aimed at fighting methamphetamine production in Missouri.

Representatives Stanley Cox and Kenneth Wilson filed HB 1787 to implement limits on pseudoephedrine sales to prevent its production into meth. The bill is similar to a Senate Bill proposed earlier this year.

The proposal also prevents any person found guilty of a drug felony offense from purchasing these medicines without a prescription.

â??In Missouriâ??s ongoing fight against meth production and abuse, it is essential that we implement balanced and effective policies that give law enforcement officials the tools they need to do their job,â?? said Cox. â??HB 1787 will do just that. By implementing practical purchasing limits and establishing a drug offender block list, this legislation will give much-needed leverage to the officials on the frontlines of this battle. In Oklahoma, lawmakers passed a similar meth-offender block list that has led to a 50 percent decline in meth lab incidents in that state. These policies are particularly important because they go after the criminals responsible for creating Missouriâ??s meth problem while maintaining the rights of law-abiding citizens who depend on basic cold and allergy medicine.â??

â??It is crucial that Missouri lawmakers design policies that are tough on meth crime,â?? said Wilson. â??Yet we also must remember to protect the responsible choices of law-abiding citizens. House Bill 1787 accomplishes both of these tasks. It will be another critical tool for state officials in their effort to eradicate meth. â??

The proposal would lower the monthly limit of pseudoephedrine-based medicines that an individual can purchase from 9 grams to 7.2 grams.

The bill also adds the provision of a yearly purchase amount of 60 grams without a prescription and lowers the amount of pseudoephedrine a person can legally possess from 24 grams to 14.4 grams.

Finally, if pseudoephedrine is purchased and then returned to the pharmacy, it still counts toward an individualâ??s 7.2 gram total.