Prop A supporters move forward

Just one day after Proposition A got soundly defeated only getting about 25 percent of the vote City Council member Carrie Carroll's overjoyed with the election result. She thinks its a sign of progress for the city and its residents.

C arroll said, "They didn't want to give up their recycle cart, like they would have to pry it out of their hands to get rid of that cart. Its kind of exciting to hear that kind of support, and here those kind of comments. I mean not only do they like it, they love it."

B ut, those who wanted Prop A to pass say they aren't giving up hope for change. Ray Walker would like to see the Allied Waste contract revised so residents could save money and share trash bins, splitting the cost.

H e said, "Allied Waste is making a ton of money, obviously they are or they wouldn't want to continue the contract."

C arroll said she thinks the council is willing to look at Walker's suggestions, "Sure I could see us looking at the details, in fact we've been looking at different parts of the contract ever since we implemented it so it is something if improvments can be made we're willing to look at that."

C arroll went on to say she thinks the people have not only spoken on this issue, but, " they've spoken loudly" Carroll said.

P rop A supporters still insist just getting the issue to a vote is a major victory.

M ayor-elect Eric Struemph also weighed in on the issue and said all options are on the table when it comes to looking at the the Allied Waste contract. He said he's only interested in making the system better. Struemph takes office on april 18th.