Privacy concerns as phone lines cross

Update: Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 5:00 p.m.: We checked with CenturyLink Wednesday after receiving a press release from AT&T.Spokesman Greg Gaffke said, "It was one of our cards at our switch, there was no alarm sounded, we ran some traffic through it to identify it and it was changed out hopefully this resolves the issue."If you have any other issues you're encouraged to call CenturyLink.

Update: Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 11:35 a.m.: AT&T issued a statement today about the issue with crossed calls."This week customers in the Jefferson City area may have experienced issues with wireless to landline calls due to a third-party TMs equipment issue. Late Tuesday evening, AT&T technicians worked with the third party to identify and repair their equipment malfunction. Service is currently running normally. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers."An AT&T spokesperson said the malfunction was on the end of the third party. When asked if the third party was Centurylink, the spokesperson said that was a logical conclusion.We have contacted Centurylink and are still waiting for a returned phone call. Updated story: We talked to Centurylink today to find out what they thought about the serivce problems and they were quick to pass the blame.Spokesman Greg Gaffke said, "We don't feel it's anything wrong on our end, we think the resolution is going to have to come from the wireless carrier. It's pretty well known, we feel it's probably on the AT&T side."After trying to contact AT&T all day, they called us back and said they are working on a local, regional, and national level to get to the bottom of the problem.AT&T spokesperson, Katie Nagus said they are very concerned and sorry for any inconvenience to customers.

Original story:

Phone users in Jefferson City have gotten confusing phone calls lately as lines appear to be crossing.Last week, Jefferson City Public Schools sent out an alert saying they had been having problems with their phone lines, run by Centurylink. The problem was dropped calls, crossed lines and confused parents.Public school officials said they heard it was a problem with a Centurylink trunk line in Louisiana that was causing the problems in Mid-Missouri.Now, the issue is more wide spread in Jefferson City, as many have experienced the crossed lines issue, causing citizens to be concerned about their privacy.On the KRCG Mid-Missouri Facebook page, many said they had been dropping calls lately and hearing one side of a conversation they weren't involved in." What if you're giving out your credit card number to a business, and it's really someone else?" Debi McCoy Huff asked on the page. "Some people only have cell phones to conduct business."When asked about the issue, Centurylink said to call AT&T and that it was their issue. They even dropped work orders when people complained about the issue."I have had this problem with my business lines which is a major concern for me because with my line of work confidentiality is crucial. I had a work order put in on Friday and they just got back to me today, with response: it's not centurylink, it actually is AT&T cell phones that are interfering with centurylink customers," Kara Coleman posted on the page. "So the problem is actually through AT&T, not centurylink. He canceled my work order because it has nothing to do with it, and told me until AT&T fixes the problem on their end, we will continue experiencing the interferences."An AT&T spokesperson said he knew nothing of the issue when told Centurylink said AT&T wireless calls were the problem.Have you been experiencing dropped calls or crossed lines? Are you concerned about your privacy during a phone call? Tell us your experiences so we can share them during our story tonight at 10.