Police solve 8-year-old murder case

Timothy Hoag

University of Missouri police investigators said they have solved an 8-year-old cold case murder.

Authorities said DNA evidence shows Timothy Aaron Hoag is responsible for the murder of retired MU Professor Jeong Im.

MUPD Chief Jack Watring said, â??We were able to match Hoagâ??s DNA and the DNA collected at the murder scene. That along with other witness accounts has led us to conclusively believe that Hoag murdered Dr. Im in 2005.â??

Investigators are still trying to figure out a motive.

On January 7, 2005, someone called 911 to report a car was on fire in the Maryland Avenue Parking Garage on the Mizzou campus. Authorities found the stabbed remains of Im in the trunk of his burnt car.

Eight years later, DNA evidence showed Hoag killed the 72-year-old man. Hoag was 35 years old when he committed suicide in August 2012 by jumping from a downtown Columbia parking garage.

Investigators said a witness came forward in December and led police to Hoag.

Police are not identifying the witness that led them Hoag. That same witness told University Police that he drove Hoag to the crime scene and brought him a gasoline can before Imâ??s car caught fire.

The unidentified witness told police it took him eight years to come forward out of fear for his familyâ??s safety. The unidentified witness did not to talk to investigators until Hoag ended his own life.

Investigators said there is no evidence that shows anyone else besides Hoag was involved with the murder of Jeong Im.