Police search, prayers continue for missing former youth pastor

Liberty police continued their search Wednesday for runner and former youth pastor who went missing Monday night.

As of Wednesday night, 30 year-old Chad Rogers remains missing. Police say they are investigating several new leads and have had some success with scent-tracking dogs, but are facing some obstacles in their investigation including a disappearing scent trail.

In the meantime, churchgoers at Rogers' former parish met at the First Methodist Church in Jefferson City to pray for Rogers' safe return. His family has not seen or heard from him since he went for a run Monday night and never returned. Several dozen parents and teens came together at the church to pray for Rogers.

"I knew him through my sons, who were involved in the church and the youth group activities, and through that he became a friend of the family," said Parent Dean Cooper. He says Rogers was a role model for his sons and provided spiritual guidance to many young people. Members of the church say they want to see him make a safe return to his family in Liberty.

Rogers was a youth pastor at the First Methodist Church for 18 months, and moved out of Jefferson City to Liberty at the end of 2012.

While people continue to pray for Rogers, police continue to search for clues. Lt. Davidson of the Liberty Police Department says police have had some luck with scent-tracking dogs and have some new leads to follow. "The dog hit on the scent for some distance and the nstopped... we brought in another dog today who hit the same area," Davidson explained. "I think today there has been a total of about 47 leads come in by phone. We're giving it all we got"

So far, police say they have no evidence Rogers was picked up in a car - they are also checking Facebook posts, cell phone and computer records for anything that could help find him.

Police and other searchers will meet at Liberty Christian fellowship Thursday at 9 a.m. to resume their search.