Police prepare for Lake's annual Mardi Gras Pub Crawl

Lake of the Ozarks businesses are set to host the 10th Annual Mardi Gras Pub Crawl Saturday night.

Nearly 20 lake area venues will open their doors to over 6,000 eager party goers.

The Osage Beach Police Department said they're treating the event like a holiday weekend and will have extra cars on the road to help with anticipated calls and to also look for impaired drivers.

When you have that many people along with alcohol involved there TMs always an increase in disturbances and fights that are likely to break out as well as medical calls, Osage Beach Police Sergeant Matthew Schwenn said.

Schwenn said while it TMs like a big holiday weekend at the lake, there is one major difference.

The difference between a holiday weekend is during that time period people have a lot of other things to do, where this event, they TMre all specifically doing one thing at the same places, Schwenn said.

Buses will take the patrons to participating bars and will even drop them off at select hotels and resorts.

Schwenn said the buses help keep impaired drivers off the road.

He also encourages everyone to have fun but to do it responsibly.

Feel free to come down, have a good time, just do it responsibly and we TMll make sure everybody has a safe weekend, use the buses, try to get a motel room or a sober driver, Schwenn said.

The fire department will also help out with the big event and will have a firefighter at each establishment to make sure ensure everyone TMs safety.

KRCG is a sponsor of the Pub Crawl.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest official pub crawl had 2,800 participants.

Vendors sold more than 4,200 wrist bands for last year's Lake Ozarks Pub Crawl.

Organizers anticipate this year to be the largest ever at with an expected 6,000 attendees.