Police find two Doisy murder case witnesses

Mark Slavit sits with Kathy Doisy.

Columbia police investigators found two key witnesses in a 33 year old murder case.

Detectives are gathering evidence against Johnny Wright, 65, who was arrested last week in Georgia for the 1976 murder of Columbia waitress Becky Doisy.

Kathy Doisy said it TMs been an emotional rollercoaster ever since police told her that they might have found her sister TMs killer. At first she was shocked. Now, she says she is in the crying phase as the reality of Johnny Wright TMs arrest becomes more real. Doisy believes Wright buried her sister under some concrete.

I have always believed that because he worked for the city, he knew where they were pouring concrete that day," Kathy Doisy said. "I think he put her down under where he knew the concrete would be poured pretty soon. My thoughts have always been that someday they are going to dig up that concrete or that building and we are going to find her remains.

Kathy Doisy said the police would be very lucky to convict Johnny Wright, 33 years after her sister TMs disappearance. Investigators never found a body or obtained DNA evidence.

I TMve been very pleased with what the police have done," Kathy said. "I have no complaints, but because the guy did such a good job of dispatching her body where it couldn TMt be found and because there wasn TMt the ability to do any kind of DNA testing, it TMs going to be a very hard case to prove, if he doesn TMt confess.

Kathy Doisy is counting on the Columbia police department to come up with enough evidence to put Johnny Wright in prison for a long, long time. Detectives have been to St. Louis and Georgia to help build their case against Wright.

Two Columbia police detectives are still trying to get Wright to confess as he remains in custody in Lawrenceville, Georgia. A team of three investigators have returned from St. Louis after finding two key witnesses from the past. One witness says he saw Doisy TMs body in the trunk of Wright TMs car.

These witnesses they were looking for were very important," Columbia police detective Jeff Westbrook said. "My understanding is that they gave statements to our investigators that were very similar to what said almost 30 years ago.

Kathy Doisy said the odds are against her, but she is not giving up on the idea of putting Wright behind bars.

There might still be a case. Who knows?" Kathy said. "This guy may actually have developed a conscience and want to confess. I TMm just waiting to see what happens like everyone else.

Witnesses say they last saw Becky Doisy drinking alcohol with Johnny Wright at a Columbia restaurant.