Police enforce traffic laws near Columbia Mall

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and Columbia police officers are making an extra effort to make sure holiday drivers obey traffic laws near the Columbia Mall.

Additional foot patrol officers will crack down on shoppers driving at intersections along Stadium Boulevard from Broadway to Interstate-70.

Police said the biggest problem is holiday shoppers blocking intersections.

Drivers have been getting stuck in the middle of intersections because traffic never moved by the time the light turned red from green.

Police said blocked intersections could reduce the amount of tickets issued by a new red light camera at the intersection of Worley and Stadium.

With the traffic getting blocked there, people aren TMt really going to be able to run the red light because nobody can get into the intersection. We may have a decrease during certain hours than we normally would, Traffic Unit Supervisor Sgt. Shelly Jones said.

The fine for blocking an intersection in Columbia is $75.

Police will have their special traffic enforcement on Stadium Boulevard on Thursdays and Fridays between now and Christmas Eve.