Police begin drug dealer roundup

Police leave MSHP's Troop F headquarters on a warrant roundup Tuesday afternoon.

About 25 suspected drug dealers are the targets of a warrant roundup state, county and municipal police launched Tuesday afternoon.

Sgt. Paul Reinsch, a spokesman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Troop F, told reporters the roundup comes after two years of undercover work. He said all of the suspects have outstanding warrants for drug offenses as well as other crimes. He said the people involved are suspected of dealing drugs ranging from marijuana to cocaine and heroin.

"Anyone that's supplying drugs to the area, we consider high-value," Reinsch said. "We want to get drugs eliminated and get them away from our young people, especially."

Reinsch said much of the roundup is taking place within Cole County, although warrants are being served elsewhere in Troop F's 13-county district. Other units including Jefferson City police and the Cole County Sheriff's Department are taking part as well, though Reinsch said the Highway Patrol is leading the effort.