Pink pumpkins mark halfway point for Julie's treatment

Julie's friends decorated pink pumpkins to leave on her porch while she was getting chemo.

When Julie Ryan arrived home from her third round of chemo Thursday, she was surprised to find to find a porch filled with pink pumpkins.

About 15 members of her "Rack Pack" put up the decorations Thursday morning.

"We've done a lot of practical things for her...bring meals and take care of the kids. And this is something that our sole intention is to do something that will bring a smile to her face when she gets home from kind of a yucky day," Julie's friend Stacia Coughenour said.

Ryan told KRCG 13 she felt great after completing her third of six rounds of chemo.

"I'm just glad that we're getting through the process and not having any major side affects. And that I can stand outside on this beautiful day after having treatment this morning and talk to you," she said.

Her friends had decorated her house for her last round of treatment, but this time they went with a pink pumpkin theme in honor of October, Halloween and breast cancer awareness month.

Ryan was humbled by the outpouring support.

"I wish everybody going through cancer had the support system and the team of these amazing friends that I have," she said.