83 / 69
      86 / 69
      81 / 65

      Pigskin Picks

      Here's what you can win: * A free foot long from Jefferson City Sub Shop, which has the best subs in town, along with a bag of chips and large drink.* Two value meals from McDonald's, 1425 Mo. Blvd.* A $10 gift certificate to J.Pfenny's.* A free service call, a $70 value, from Jeff City Appliance 1. You pick the winners of this weekend's NFL games and the final score of the New England-Houston game, this will be the tiebreaker. Points are not necessary for the other games. If it's still tied, a coin flip will decide the winner. 2. You are not be competing against me, you're competing against each other. 3. The champ will be announced on Pigskin Picks the following week, and by ROD SMITH during one of his sports broadcasts. Send your picks to tloeffler@krcg.com prior to this week's deadline of 3 p.m. SATURDAY. Last week's winner was Shawn Bailes. Good luck! SATURDAYDENVER 21, BALTIMORE 20GREEN BAY 27, SAN FRANCISC0 20SUNDAYSEATTLE 31, ATLANTA 28NEW ENGLAND 38, HOUSTON 17