Pickup procedure concerns some Callaway Hills parents

Cars line up to pick up students at Callaway Hills Elementary.

A new pickup procedure at Callaway Hills Elementary School has some parents concerned about traffic safety.

The pickup line winds through the side parking lot with overflow backing up Callaway County Road 499.

The concern is that when too many cars line up, the backup continues onto Highway AA.

"There's no flashing signs for warning that these families are sitting here waiting for their children, and there's no where else for them to go. The semi [trucks] come through this area so often that somebody could get killed," said Jean Griggs, a parent of two Callaway Hills students.

On Thursday afternoon, the cars did not reach the highway but the last car was right at the edge.

Griggs said she's also concerned with a steep hill leading up to the school that blocks motorists from seeing potentially backed up traffic.

"The hill has such a deep dip that if somebody pops over the hill, they won't have any time to react and stop in time. A normal flashing light that would slow the speed down from 55 to possibly 35, that would be fantastic," Griggs said.

Jefferson City Public Schools spokesman David Luther said the district is aware of the problem and working to find possible solutions.

He also said the time it takes to clear out the parking lot has decreased significantly since the first day of school.

A schools resource officer in charge of designing traffic flow for the school will assess the situation and brainstorm alternatives.

Luther wanted to emphasize that this traffic flow situation is not a student safety issue but a general safety issue.

"Students are going to be released directly from the building into mom and dad's car as they come through the driveway. is just a general concern about having cars out on the highway," Luther said.

He also said that when parents arrive before school lets out, the traffic will back up more quickly.