Physical therapists work with quake victims

The focus of efforts at the Hospital Sacre Coeur in Milot, Haiti has now turned to physical therapy. Hundreds of amputees are being treated there.

"Right now there is a bigger need for physical therapy than there is for doctors," notes therapist Amanda Schuler. Fellow physical therapist Rick Reid says despite the overwhelming task he entered into at the CRUDEM Compound, his patients are strong willed. "They work hard and I think maybe the people of the United States are a little bit more wimpy, these guys have got grit, they've got great grit."

The physical therapy is done on a makeshift patio just a few feet from a public water spigot where family members bathe and wash clothes and dishes. The private hospital is funded by the CRUDEM Foundation founded by retired St. Louis physician Ted Dubuque. It sits on the grounds of a Catholic Mission. The medical personnel who serve here are all volunteers.

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