Photography apps

Edited with Photostudio app

Many of you know that I am a photographer. I love taking photos, whether it's outside photography, or portrait photography. I think my next dream location would be going to Colorado and taking as many nature photos as possible (and I don't even like hiking!).So I started exploring the fancy apps my iPhone had for photography. One of them, courtesy of our executive producer Dori, has become a new favorite. Photosynth (a free app!) allows you to take panoramic photos and then upload them to Facebook or online where you can then embed the photo, as I have done above. It does not have a lot of editing abilities that I have found so far, but the photos (as you can see above) can be a full circle. I think this would be great for real estate companies in the area, or anyone who is interested in giving people a wider view.The photo above is what we see when we head to the back porch for breaks.I am blessed to have an iPhone 4, which means a better camera than the iPhone3 or 3Gs. As such, I get web quality photos with almost every photo I take. So these apps are great for me. I take photos and do some editing, and it looks like I have taken the photos with my professional camera, and edited them in a Photoshop like program. I love it.A couple other apps to note: Photoshop Express is a great (and free!) app that allows me to do some minor editing, but it takes time to do it. I have a one-year-old, so I have about a thousand photos of him on my phone. Sometimes I like doing some unique things and don't want to take time to find the functions in Photoshop express. As such, I use Photostudio. It's a great app that allows me to find the effect I want for the photo and push one button. If I want some additional contrast, I can continue playing with it, but for quick edits, this program is the best I've found. It's not free. $1.99 is what it will take to get this app, but it's worth that and more in my opinion.I use Colorsplash a lot, as well. I like the idea of making most of a photo black and white, and only featuring one color, or one item. I do this a lot in Photoshop when I'm editing portraits, but colorsplash makes it easy to do on the phone.What great photo apps have you found? Have you found some to be better than others, or have you found photo apps that just aren't worth the purchase or download space?