Phone bank scam targets Macon residents

Macon residents are being warned of a new telephone scam that requests bank information.

According to the Macon Police Department, citizens have reported automated calls coming from what appears to be a toll free number â?? an 888 area code.

The call recording states that a local bank is asking to confirm bank card numbers and expiration dates.

The local bank identified in the reported calls has confirmed they do not conduct business in this matter and would not call to ask for banking information over the phone.

Always be cautious in giving out personal or banking information to anyone whose identity cannot be verified.ã?? If contacted by a legitimate business or government entity, you should be able to speak with a live person to obtain a name, department and an address or telephone number where the caller may be reached back.


You may call the Macon Police Department at 660-385-2195 if you have any questions or concerns regarding "phishing" scams.ã??

If you feel that you have been a victim of identity theft, please report it to your law enforcement as soon as possible.