Person of interest in Sunrise Beach murders

It has been more than a year since a millionaire business man and his long-time girl-friend were gunned down in their Sunrise Beach home. The case went cold until now. Investigators were stumped as to who would have killed 67 year-old William Van Note and 59 year-old Sharon Dickson. The couple wasn't married but had been together for several decades. Whoever did it entered their luxury lake-front home just before bed-time on a Saturday night last October. Sharon was shot first in the master bedroom, Van note a short time later.Both were shot three times.Van Note was able to call 9-1-1 but investigators haven't released what he said. Sharon died at the scene, Van Note died days later at University Hospital in Columbia. A year later and some neighbors are still scared, particularly at night.Neighbors the couples home sold about six months ago and the new owner payed nearly $150,000 less than what it appraised for. Van Note's estate, however, is still tied-up in court. Mostly because the family couldn't find a will. That is a surprise that came just last month when a will was found in Florida and admitted in court. The Camden County Prosecuting Attorney met Thursday with the state attorney generals office to review the case.The meeting comes as investigators turned the case over for prosecution after naming a person of interest. Police won't say who the person of interest is, but did say the case is very complex and has far-reaching implications.