People from Sedalia are still recovering from last week's tornado

While overshadowed by their neighbors to the south, people in Sedalia are cleaning up the damage from last week's tornado.

Mobile home parks, tract homes, and businesses off highway 65 all were destroyed by the EF-2 tornado.

KRCG's crew visited Sedalia Tuesday to find out how everyone there is recovering.

People in Elm Hills Mobile Home Park are still in shock and really don't know what to do after what happen last Wednesday.

"It's extremely hectic. We've had lots of people wanting to help us, but the trailers don't belong to us, they belong to other individuals, Elm Hills Mobile Home Park Owner Patty Miller said. So everybody is waiting for their insurance adjustor. The ones that didn TMt have insurance, well some of them we haven't seen since. It's just chaos absolute chaos."

Some people are just doing what they can by taking one day at a time to get through the horrible disaster.

"Right now the main thing I'm doing is to try and get everything cleared on the outside. Then eventually I will work on cleaning the mess it made inside, Member of Elm Hills Mobile Home Park Lenny Hawley said. I'm just taking it one day at a time. That's basically all you can do."

Hawley told me that he feels like a lot of people have overlooked the tornado that hit Sedalia because no one was severely injured or killed like the one in Joplin.

"Since there was no fatalities or no one seriously injured people think this nothing. But it destroyed a lot of people's homes. They have nothing now, Hawley said. They have no clothes or any personal belongings. That's a tragedy in itself. But people say because there is no loss of life it's not a tragedy. but it is."

The Elm Hills Mobile Home Park in Sedalia wasn't the only place that got hit by last week's tornado. There were also a number of businesses that got hit, like Don's Truck Towing business.

"We lost four trailers and one tractor. We also got some damage to five tractors, Don's Truck Towing Owner Don Weaver said. Also we lost our office and two shops."

Weaver told me he is just glad the tornado was not as powerful as Joplin's.

"This was really not all that bad. Well it was bad, but it could of been a lot worse. Nobody got hurt; and this storm could of have killed someone or something, Weaver said.

Everyone I spoke with in Sedalia wanted to thank the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and all the volunteers for their help during this terrible disaster.