Patients move into new children's hospital

Doctors diagnosed Shayden Talbert, 7, with leukemia in January. Shayden was one of the first patients who made the move to the new University of Missouri Women TMs and Children TMs Hospital. The 157 bed facility used to be Columbia Regional Hospital. Shayden was the first person to use this new hospital room complete with a flat screen TV and video games.

There are bigger cabinets," Shayden said. "There is more room.

Tuesday was moving day for patients at the new MU Women TMs and Children TMs Hospital. MU Health Care Officials celebrated the official opening of the state TMs first women TMs and children TMs hospital last Thursday.

Tuesday TMs move was the final step in a two year process.

MU Health Care Officials said the move from University Hospital to the new hospital went smoothly.

It was pretty simple," Shayden TMs mother Sarah Talbert said. "The EMT TMs came and got him and put him on the bed. They took him in the ambulance. We were greeted by a lot of people.

MU Health Care Officials spent more than $12 million in renovations to the five-story hospital so they could put all of their children TMs hospital services under one roof. The new MU Women TMs and Children TMs Hospital has a new pediatric intensive care unit with the latest technology.

High quality equipment is important, but MU Health Care Officials said its people that make the difference. The new hospital has a team of more than 100 highly skilled physicians helping sick children like Shayden.

I TMve mentioned all of the nice things about the hospital, like the building itself," Hospital Director Dr. Timothy Fete said. "It TMs really the people that make the hospital. The staff is very dedicated to the care of kids.

Nineteen patients, including six pediatric intensive care unit patients, made the move to the new hospital.

Last year, doctors at MU Health Care TMs Children TMs Hospital cared for patients from 111 of Missouri TMs 115 counties.