Party boat pulled from Lake of the Ozarks

Captain Larry Don excursion boat at the Lake of the Ozarks pulled out of the water for repair.

The future is unknown for the historic floating restaurant the Captain Larry Don at the Lake of the Ozarks. But thanks to the help of neighbors, owners can now assess the damage to the party boat and decide if it can be fixed.

Monday the effort was finally successful to tow the boat to shore. Mike Shepherd who manages Beavers at the Dam says it took multiple businesses to help free the boat which sank in the ice last February. Lake says the Larry Don was purchased by the owners of Beavers at the Dam last year, with the intent to renovate the famous party boat as part of a major expansion of the restaurant/bar.

While the double decker was not completely submerged, it did touch the bottom of the lake some 10-15 feet down says Shepherd. He says efforts to float it were unsuccessful for weeks. Finally they brought in a large military winch truck and put it on a barge, sent a dive team in to pump out the boat, and finally got it off the bottom. Then, multiple barges made a cradle to float it to shore just up the cove from the Bagnell Dam at the zero mile marker of the lake.

Shepherd says the future is not known, but now they can see the damage and decide if the boat will float again. He says there was no environmental impact from the accident. The fuel tanks were previously pumped dry and the small grease ring left in the water from moving the boat he says was from engine grease.