Parents, faculty concerned about superintendent's leave

Parents and faculty met with the Iberia R-5 school board to discuss the superintendent.

Parents, faculty and school board members met at Iberia High School Saturday afternoon for a special board meeting.

The main topic of discussion for the community members was the sudden placement of Superintendent Dr. Tamara Kimball on administrative leave last week.

Since the schools had been doing so well under her leadership, many people did not see the move coming.

"The scores are coming up, the achievement rates are up, accredited with distinction here, and I had no idea there was any concern anywhere else," Julie Weemans, a parent of two Iberia High School students said.

Weemans was also concerned with the lack of information being provided about why Kimball was placed on leave.

"If the public were aware of the need, I think we would feel a little better on some decisions. The information needs to come forward," she said.

School board president Mike Ball said that the information they can share with the public is limited for legal reasons.

"Because of the legal issue and the statutes in the state of Missouri, there are things we can say and cannot say particularly concerning closed session items and particularly personnel issues," Ball said.

Once a decision about Kimball's future is made, the board has 72 hours to tell the public.

Roy Kramme, who was superintendent from 1999 to 2000, is acting as interim superintendent.