Parents, employees given short notice for daycare closure

Owners of Noah's Ark in Jefferson City only gave parents and employees a week's notice of the closure.

Some Jefferson City parents will have to find a new daycare to take their children after this week; Noah's Ark on Jefferson Street will close it's doors this Friday.

The center currently cares for about 50 kids.

Noah's Ark employees arrived at work last Friday to a note on the door indicating the closure, leaving them frustrated with the short notice to find new jobs.

Parents are also upset, knowing how tough it is to get a placement in a daycare, especially for newborns and infants.

"It was just a last minute thing I didn't do any research about who's there, who can I trust, or how am I comfortable with them or how my child is going to act. So it's kind of like an iffy situation but I don't have a choice at this time," said Jasmine Winston, a parent who had to find a new daycare for her son this week.

"It just seems as if the owner does not care about not only the parents and the employees, but the kids. The owners don't even know the kids names. It's just a real pain and it grinds my gears," said Kanetha Drysdale, another parent.

One of Noah's Ark's owners, Ron Cashill, didn't want to appear on camera, but told KRCG 13 the business has run out of money, and didn't have the funds to pay employees for the standard two weeks notice.

Cashill said some clients were either behind or never paid their daycare bills, causing the money loss.

Employees said they're angered with the short notice, but it's not all about the job loss.

"When I came here I signed a commitment to work, do the job every day to the best of my ability and I have lived up to that, took pride in my work, and love these kids...and they just jerk it out from under me," said Rose Schnieders, 2-year-employee.

"I love every one of them just like they're my own. I don't know what I'm going to do without them."

The owners of Noah's Ark sold all of the company's items and supplies to two other day cares.

Cashill said the day cares were told to take what isn't being used the rest of this week at Noah's Ark, but employees said that's not the case.

"Today, the one year old classroom had two tables with chairs that go around them...chairs for every child. They had 6 children there today. One table was full, the other...there was NO table because they already sold it to someone else along with the chairs. So the one-year-olds were eating on the flood with a bookshelf on the floor. Who does that!?" said 6-year-employee Rebecca McBride.

Cashill said he apologizes to the employees for the inconvenience and assured parents they would receive their 2014 child care tax credits by the end of the year.