Palin rallies nearly 20,000 mid-Missourians

Palin criticized Barack Obama, saying he wants bigger government and higher taxes.

With election polls opening in just a little over 12 hours, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin rallied supporters on the steps of the Capitol in Jefferson City Monday morning. Nearly 20,000 mid-Missourians waited in line for hours to hear Palin. KRCG's Mallory McGowin was there and has the details of the event.

"Tomorrow, election day, is just hours away," said Palin. "The time for choosing is near. Missouri are you ready to help us carry your state to victory?"

Palin rallied the Republican troops Monday in the Capitol city. And they came out in their Republican red by the thousands. It was a last minute opportunity to address voters in Missouri, nationally recognized as a vital swing state in Tuesday's race.

"Barack Obama is for bigger government and for higher taxes," said Palin. "I'm so thankful in this 11th hour of the campaign, a long campaign, and at least now, even though it is the 11th hour, the sun is shining on his plans for where he wants to take America. The sun is shining, sheding light on his intentions here. His whole tax plan is so phony that is already starting to unravel."

While national polls still say Missouri is too close to call on the day before the election, the nearly 20,000 people that gathered on the south lawn of the Capitol feel that Missouri will stay red.

"I really wouldn't like to see higher taxes either," says Jefferson City resident Jeremy Perkins. "I feel most people in this country feel the same way as I do. We're gonna go show it tomorrow."

"I'm all for her," says Jefferson City resident Elizabeth Questar. "She's for the people and that's what we need."

It was also a last minute campaign opportunity for several other Missouri Republican candidates.

"You get a lot of these great bumper stickers and whatever. Here's one that I'm not sure that you've seen," said Republican candidate for Governor Kenny Hulshof. "It says: I'll keep my God, my freedom, my guns and my money. You can keep the change."

Palin's message was not only to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket, but just to get out and vote; a pitch for support from still undecided voters.

"We're gonna do just fine," sang Hank Williams Jr., who performed at Monday's event. "We're headed for good old McCain-Palin tradition."

Other Republican candidates that addressed the crowd Monday: Peter Kinder, Brad Lager, Jeff Parnell, and Blaine Luetkemeyer also addressed the eager crowd.

This was Sarah Palin's third visit to the Show-Me State in just 10 days.