Overflow at Boonville dam

Water flows down a spillway at a dam in Boonville.

The Lake Farrell Dam in Boonville overflowed Friday morning a result of fast and heavy rainfall.

"We saw water coming over the top of the dam and once the water volume lessened we saw a good bit of erosion in the emergency spillway. The concern there is that the erosion would spread into the face of the dam," Boonville public works director M.L. Cauthon III said.

The dam also had a small leak on one of its sides.

Crews were able to clean the dam's spillway to increase the flow and decrease the levels of water in the dam.

With more rain expected Friday night, Cauthon says the current drainage system should provide enough room to accomodate new rainfall.

"As this continues to drain, and drain fine, and then downstream from here it continues to drain and drain fine, there will be enough room in the lake to reclaim and have space for that additional rain," he said.

Only one home is the direct path of the dam floodwaters in the event of a "catastrophic failure," but other homes in the area could experience things like basement flooding.