'Over the Edge' sweeps thrill-seekers off their feet

Across the street from the Governor's Mansion, it was the opportunity of a lifetime for some thrill seekers in Jefferson City Saturday.

People giving donations to the Missouri Special Olympics are going "Over The Edge".


articipants rappelled down the side of the 13-story Jefferson State Office building in downtown Jefferson City.

The thrill seekers had to raise one thousand or more dollars to participate in the event.

"That's what scares people away. But I think that as we keep doing it, and more and more participants come out, and individuals hear about it, they realize 'maybe I can do it,'â?? said Diane Brimer, a director of the event.

For some participants, money was no object. What was important to them was the Special Olympics itself.

"My son has participated in Special Olympics for the last 17 years, and its been something that is really dear to our hearts,â?? said Jamie Lance, an Over the Edge participant. â??I feel that we really needed to give back to an organization that gave our family so much."

People like Jamie actually came all the way out from Saint Louis for her family to participate in Over the Edge.

The Over the Edge event that was scheduled in Saint Louis was canceled, giving all of the participants a chance to take part in Jefferson City's event.

For more information on Over the Edge and the Special Olympics, check out the Special Olympics Missouri website.