Over 60 schools participate in FFA contest

Almost 2,000 FFA students packed Linn High School's gymnasium Friday for FFA contest.

Over 60 high schools from around the state were there to practice their skills in all the different events at the agriculture contest.

The contest Friday was just practice but here in a few months FFA members will participate in the real thing.

The big message Linn wanted the students to walk away with was how important agriculture is to society.

"Events like this are very important because it gets more kids involved in agriculture. Without agriculture we wouldn't have food to eat, we wouldn't have clothes, and we wouldn't have the shelters we live in today, Linn High School Student Jessica Haslag said. This just gets kids more involved in agriculture and keeps it alive."

This was the Linn High School's 14th annual agriculture contest.

Haslag said it is the second largest in the state.