Over 100 lbs. of marijuana seized in traffic stop

      A South Carolina man was arrested after a trooper found 102 lbs. of marijuana in his vehicle.

      A 64-year-old man is in Cooper County Jail after a trooper with the Missouri State Highway Patrol found over 100 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.

      Gary Pinson, of Rocky Hill, South Carolina, was pulled over for a traffic violation on I-70 near the 93 mile marker in Cooper County.

      Because of inconsistencies and "deceptive behavior," the trooper asked Pinson for consent to search his vehicle. Pinson denied.

      A Highway Patrol drug dog was called to the scene and indicated that drugs were in the vehicle.

      In a subsequent search the trooper found 102 pounds of marijuana hidden in the trunk and back seat area.

      Pinson was arrested for first-degree drug trafficking.