Outage affects all Howard Co. Co-op customers

All 3,400 members of the Howard County Electric Co-op were without power at about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

President Richard Fowler said the main concern right was getting transmission lines restored to the co-op's substation. After that, Fowler said they can assess what distribution lines - those going to customer homes - are out.

In addition to the co-op's seven linemen, eight more are coming in to assist from the Cuivre River Electric Co-op in Troy, Mo.

Fowler said it will not be until they can assess distibution lines that they can tell if will take hours or days to restore power to everyone. To report an outage in to Howard County Electric Co-op call 660-248-3311.

Fowler saidlinemen often cannot use a bucket truck and have to trudge though 12 inches of snow through a field and climb a pole to make the fix.

Earlier, people in New Franklin and Fayette with without power, but that was back on as of 3 p.m. The outage in the two cities prompted the Howard County Fire District to plan for a warming shelter. Fire Chief Bryan Kunze said they will now only open a shelter if people from the county need one.ã??