Our 1st holiday season with Milo

Milo was one happy pup once he got that rawhide!

The holiday season was just a little more special for our little household this year. For the first time Jason and I had our own apartment together, our own Christmas tree (a real one, which is a first for me!), and we had a little puppy dog there with us to top it all off.

We first met Milo in mid-December 2010. For two weeks we waited through his sickness until we could finally pick him up. We didnâ??t get him until New Yearâ??s Eve (what a way to ring in the New Year, huh?) So this was our first Christmas season together!

Milo was right there with us when we went to pick out a tree. We wanted to go chop one down, but it was getting too late in the day for that, so we went to a nice lot in Columbia.

While we were excited to bring home a real-life tree, Milo wasnâ??t too happy to share the space with the big pokey green thing. He climbed right into Jasonâ??s lap and stayed there for the ride home.

I was a little concerned about the pets and how they would handle a real tree. Since I never had one I didnâ??t know what to expect. Basically, I didnâ??t want them chewing on the tree and there be poisonous stuff in it. My cat Bailey is a big fan of Christmas treesâ?¦

... as seen here when he was a kitten, climbing and resting inside the tree.

But luckily all my worries were for nothing. The tree didnâ??t get chewed on. Bailey didnâ??t climb in it. And Milo and Bailey didnâ??t knock it over while trying to play with each other. Christmas success!

One thing that didnâ??t work out like we thought it would was the unwrapping of the presents.

Miloâ??s present went unwrapped for weeks under the tree, but with tradition and a possibly fun home video in mind, I decided to put some pretty paper on it in hopes that Milo would rip it off.

He didnâ??t. Instead the paper scared him. Check out the video I took (and please excuse Jasonâ??s dirty mouth at the beginning)â?¦


Milo enjoyed all of his presents, once unwrapped of course.

All in all, we had a nice little Christmas celebration, and we actually held it on the 1 year anniversary of us getting him, so it was a little extra special. :)

I even made sure to take a nice family photoâ?¦

It took quite a few takes to get this decent of a picture. You can check out the rest of them here along with all of our Christmas time photos!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and hereâ??s hoping to an even better 2012!

Stay tuned for more!

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