Osage County sheriff faces possible loss of license

A hearing has been set for January before the state's Administrative Hearing Commission regarding the status of Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon's Peace Officer's license.

Dixon pleaded guilty on July 1st to one count of harassment involving inappropriate contact with a female subordinate, for which he was placed on two years' probation.

But, Dixon remains in his position as Sheriff of Osage County, which lead to the complaint asking the AHC to determine cause to discipline Dixon. That discipline could go so far as a revocation of Dixon's license.

The complaint, filed by Attorney General Chris Koster on behalf of the State Department of Public Safety, was filed Wednesday.

The AHC will determine if there is cause for disciplinary action. If it determines cause, the Director of Public Safety will decide the punishment, if any. The director could do one of four things as the result of the determination: it could do nothing; it could suspend Dixon's license; it could place his license on probation; or the license could be revoked, according to a DPS spokesperson.

Dixon pleaded guilty on July first to one count of harassment rather than go to trial on a variety of charges, from tampering with a motor vehicle, sexual misconduct, third-degree assault, and stalking in exchange for two years probation. The probation includes the stipulations of no contact with the victims, regular drug and alcohol evaluations, sexual harassment counselling, and not violating the law.

The stalking, sexual misconduct, and harassment charges stem from a complaint by a former female co-worker, and involved incidents that occurred on June 24 and 26, 2013, in which Dixon allegedly placed a flashlight between the legs of the co-worker, and stole her fiancéâ??s off-road vehicle after repeatedly demanding to know where she was.