Osage Beach Police waiting for big break in missing person case

A written confession from Michael Yarnell seemingly closed the five-year Morgan County missing person case of Angie Yarnell. Now Osage Beach Police are waiting for a similar big break in the case of Brandi Mathews who's been missing since late 2006. KRCG's Mallory McGowin sat down with the department's lead detective and the Mathews family to hear how Yarnell's case gives them hope.

"He's told me a couple times that he sure misses his mama," said Brandi Mathews' mother Deanna Roberts.

Brandi Mathews' son and family have not seen or heard from her in more than two years, since September 2006. Brandi was a single mother living in the Osage Beach area and working as a dancer at a gentleman's club near Eldon to make ends meet. During that time police believe Brandi became involved with a group of known drug users in Eldon.

They suspect foul play but don't have any suspects in her disappearance.

"You know somebody knows; somebody knows something," said Osage Beach Police Detective Tracy Robinett. "Somebody knows where Brandi's at and just getting that person to come forward, that's been a task in and of itself."

To try to make people more comfortable in coming forward with information about Brandi's case and other crimes, Osage Beach Police implemented "WeTip," a completely anonymous hotline that allows callers to give specific information about a crime and collect up to $1000 if that tip leads to an arrest and conviction.

But, Brandi's case has generated only two tips.

Morgan County's recent break in the case of Angie Yarnell keeps Robinett and Brandi's family hopeful.

"It really reconfirms what we're doing and just how you have to have perseverance and patience and just stick it out and be in it for the long haul," said Robinett.

"Well, it gives me a lot of hope," said Roberts. "I mean, I was kind of getting down and thinking that we'd never know what happened."

Brandi Mathews is 25-years-old. She stands five foot seven and weighs between 130 and 140 pounds with dark hair and hazel eyes. Anyone with information is asked to call the Osage Beach Police Department at 573-302-2010 or submit their information anonymously on the WeTip line. That number is 1-800-78-CRIME.