Organization hosts Damage Prevention and Excavation Safety Summit

BOONE COUNTY, Mo. -- You probably know the old helpful advice to 'call before you dig,' which aims to prevent damage to utility lines on a home-owner's property.


ut one organization is extending some of that advice to professional excavators.

The Missouri Common Ground alliance is finishing up their 2012 Damage Prevention and Excavation Safety Summit Thursday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

The summit provides free classes full of safety information to professionals who use heavy-duty digging equipment.

â??Specifically what we want to make that we do, is that we want to keep the utilities protected,â?? said Derek Leffert, the chair of the Missouri Common Ground Alliance. â??There are a number of different utilities that are underneath the ground that no one knows about unless they utilize various different practices to determine where those utilities are at.â??

Wednesday night, the summit contained an excavator rodeo where participants competed in timed relay-style skill events that helped them become more proficient with the machines.