Opening night at Jefferson City Jaycees Fair

There was a lot of activities for fairgoers to choose from at the first night of the Jefferson City Jaycees fair, which opened to much fanfare Monday night. Despite some early concerns that it would rain, fairgoers showed up in large numbers after the opening ceremony got underway at 5:45 p.m. Monday.

Fair chairperson Mike Freeman says he expects a big turnout this year. "If weather holds up over the course of the week and we don't get all the rain we'll be forecasting, I'd say we'll see about 25,000 people by week's end."

Monday night's baby contest brought out the crowds who watched and waited for judges to pick Cole County's most beautiful baby. "It makes you a proud father to be able to see your daughter up there, being able to take it all in, enjoy yourself and have a good time."

Aside from the beauty contests, the crowds had no trouble finding something to do - whether it's a chance to win a prize or sampling one of the fair's new vendors. ThisIn addition to more events, this year has over twice the number of vendors as last year's.

And of course, the fair has a wide variety of rides available for fairgoers to test out.

The Jefferson City Jaycees fair will be open through Saturday, plenty of time for people to get out and enjoy the fun.