Online safety store offers free car seats

A new website is offering safety items for children at no cost.

University of Missouri Children TMs Hospital and Kohl TMs Department Stores launched an online child safety store.

The store offers items that help prevent unintentional injuries to children in Mid-Missouri.

Hospital officials accepted a check worth $33,887 from Kohl TMs to help support the online safety store.

The items are available for free, but donations will be accepted.

MU Children TMs Hospital Director Dr. Tim Fete said, We TMre focusing on families who can TMt afford the car seats. It TMs not just car seats. It TMs car seats, bicycle helmets, floatation devices for safety when kids are in water and reflective materials for when kids are out in the dark.

Since 2006, Kohl TMs has donated more than $100,000 to the MU Children TMs Hospital through the Kohl TMs Cares Program.

You can check out the new online store by clicking on the link below.