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      Online reading program helps preschoolers

      Columbia public school leaders announced a new literacy program that will help preschoolers.

      The â??Columbia, I Readâ?? project gives free, unlimited access to books electronically.

      Itâ??s an extension of an existing program called â??myON Readerâ?? for kindergarten through eighth grade students.

      The new literacy program gives every 4-year-old in the Columbia School District access to online books by using a password. School leaders said the new program provides children with a better opportunity to prepare for kindergarten.

      The program works on a number of electronic devices.

      Superintendent Dr. Chris Belcher said, â??It will work on a computer, a laptop, iPad, a Kindle reader and a number of devices. The devices for mobile reading are exploding. They are becoming cheaper and more affordable. I donâ??t think thatâ??s going to be our barrier.â??

      Belcher plans to expand the â??Columbia, I Readâ?? project to both 3- and 4-year-olds during the next school year.

      School officials will be piloting the new program over the next several months.